Kansas City Star Sportswriter Randy Covitz advised he is retiring today, March 31, 2015. As an avid KC Star reader I will miss reading Randy’s stories. For years he covered the stick and ball sports of baseball and football. He always brought an interesting insight to those sports. When the Kansas City Star started cutting back they let go motorsports reporter Jim Pedley. Jim can still be found heading up the website RacinToday. Randy absorbed the duties of the motorsports reporting. When writing an article about Lakeside Speedway reopening after the flood of 2011 he and I got to spend time together. He advised he was raised as a stick and ball sports reporter and never gave any thought to racing until after Pedley left. he said what he found is a sport he had been missing, one he enjoyed greatly, and a sport that opened up a whole new avenue to him. He really admired how passionate the racing family was to our sport. He admired the close knit community and how we cared for each other.

The one personal regret concerning Randy is we never got him elected for the Tom Wilson Media Person of the Year award for the Central Auto Racing Boosters. He came close a couple of times, but as the younger generation takes over they no longer read the newspaper. Randy has been writing for 30 plus years. He was a godsend to our racing community and he will be missed. Happy retirement Randy, as someone who also recently retired, throw away the clock you will not need it any longer. Enjoy and thank you!