The below letter is what I sent September 1, 2015 to the President of the Hall of Fame via Return Receipt requested:

J. D. Green
17580 Stubbs Station Road, Platte City, MO 64079

September 1, 2015

Karen Darling
1811 S Linn Avenue
Marshall, MO 65340

Dear Madam President,

I have contacted you via email and via text message, via email I did not receive a response, via test message you sent back “who is this?” and have not responded since. As a member of the public and as a member of the Central Auto Racing Boosters and a member of the media, I request a copy of the 2013 and 2014 Annual Financial Statements for the Central Auto Racing Boosters Hall of Fame and Museum Inc.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has responded to my request and sent Form 4506-A for me to submit. It also states on this form the following: “Public disclosure by the organization. Exempt or political organizations must make their returns, reports, notices, and exempt applications available for public inspection. You can visit the organization to inspect the material instead of requesting it from the IRS. The organization may be able to mail the copies to you”.
I am assuming the organization did a financial statement (a report as listed above) for each of the years to determine exactly how to file with the IRS, Form 990N, Form 990ez, or Form 990.

Your urgent attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated. My first text message was June 30, two months is not considered timely. Furthermore, the Code of Ethics for the organization states, “each member of the Board of Directors will at all times obey all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations and will provide or cause to provide the full cooperation of the organization when requested to do so by those institutions and their persons set in authority as are required to uphold the law”.
Additionally, when will you and Rick be returning to collect the Hall of Fame items you left behind? Your vehicle was full that day and you stated you and Rick would return to pick up the other items. We have been storing them and moving them awaiting your return, these include the original posters for the Hall of Fame and the plaque for the Pioneer Inductees.

Warm regards,

J. D. Green