Having sat through the Sprint Unlimited and the Duels I am wondering what kind of race will we have this Sunday? My first thought is a boring race as things are shaping up that we will see a freight train around the top. Two or three years ago that is what we had and consideration was given to not returning to Daytona if this was the kind of racing that would be put on. That year the only car that could pull and pass from the bottom was Jimmy Johnson. I hope that is not what we have again, side by side, sometimes three wide, is the most exciting racing!

Who is running NASCAR? Suddenly we have charter teams and we have drivers setting the rules? Did they forget the fans drive this sport and there are fewer and fewer fans every year? A couple of years ago I saw young people in the crowd, so far this year Diana and I are the young people and in our upper 50s we are not young. Sometimes it takes leadership to stand up and say enough is enough this is the way it is going to be!

Two nights of racing and how many people are going to work with the blocking Jamie McMurray. He has caused more wreckage this year than any other driver. Maybe that makes this his year again?

Carl Edwards appears as strong as ever but also one of his downfalls is he is the best teammate ever. One thing we hate as race fans is the teams that all work together and Gibbs Racing is one of the best at teamwork. The sport on the national level though has always had teams but this year it is really more about Ford with Ford, Chevrolet with Chevrolet, and Toyota with Toyota! Saw a documentary about the former Chrysler Superbirds and how they were not built for anything other the racetrack. Big Bill France stepped in after two years and told the car companies to race cars built for the road, kind of wish Bill France Jr. would have done the same. Everything is so specialized anymore and that includes team racing – yuck!

Clint Bowyer, quit trying to be a nice guy! He dropped back to pick up Kevin Harvick when Harvick was losing the draft, because he could not pass on the bottom. When Clint lost the draft did Harvick do the same? Not only no but not even a consideration, sorry Clint, quit being the nice guy. Also Clint stop dropping to the back of the draft ala Dale Jarrett style. The days have changed worked the draft for 500 miles that is the only way to get better at this style of racing. One last appeal towards Clint, clean up the language, Carl hardly ever uses fowl language, Dale Jr has vastly improved in this area, you have a son, and I have grandsons. The oldest took my radio at the Sprint Unlimited and then asked his Dad what does S.O.B. mean?

Enough for now, the best racing at Daytona in my opinion will occur tonight at the truck race. Let’s go racing!