Wow what a race? I was so hoping the trucks could have made it to the end without any crashes but to get to the point they did says a lot about the drivers, the teams, and spotters! Daytona racing is so much dependent on spotters and what a great job Rico Abreu accomplished. His spotter was right on the money about peddle the truck, move down half a lane, keep tight with the truck in front of you, half throttle, roll out easy, their only mistake was telling Rico to pit late as he was coming out of turn 4 causing Rico to experience a blessed speeding penalty. You see the next lap the two trucks Rico had been running with crashed into each other and Rico would have been in the middle of it. The spotters are so important at restrictor plate tracks and Rico’s spotter was spot on!

Say this about Rico he is a racer, twice he switched racing lanes taking his spotter by surprise, but that is what the great racers do they race. But to all the truck racers what a great race! Most of these drivers are young and the future of our sport. Christopher Bell took one heck of a wild ride but what a racer what a future our sport has with him eventually moving up into the top series.

From past truck races we could expect numerous wrecks and racing side by side instead of single file was plain exciting! Was their exciting moments, you bet, Christopher Bell saving it in turn 1 awesome, the outside line was the craziest but numerous recoveries made it exciting. This is one of those races where it was much better in person than trying to watch on television.

Congrats to Johnny Sauter on the win, it was well deserved! Congrats to the all the drivers that was great racing. Let’s see what Xfinity has for us today, hopefully, another great race.