According to the weather we left at the right time to head this way. Thank you to those staying holding down the farm for us. Since retiring we took the opportunity to drive and stop and visit with Mark and Susan Silvey, they live near Fort Walton Beach. Edwin Watts of golf fame is their neighbor. What a great time reminiscing about the I-70 days, the Lakeside days and Mark driving the pace truck, Susan working as an official, the state of racing and in particular the state of racing in Kansas City versus the Southeast. Mark and Susan attended a race where they announced there would be a “B” Main something they are not accustomed to down this way. Mark said it was funny watching the younger generation google “B” Main. Guess that is good news if B Mains are coming back.

Speaking of the weather it appears we brought the cold with us. Hopefully we will bring the warm back! The Sprint Unlimited was to say the least a crash fest and cold. Nothing to really learn from the race other than testing being eliminated may show the drivers need more time behind the wheel before the season starts. Speaking of cold it appears the Duels on Thursday at night will be cold! Four sweatshirts and a heavy coat should do the trick. Hopefully there are more race fans for this event, the Sprint Unlimited in my opinion was way down in attendance. This scares me for the future of our sport but I have covered that in previous blogs.

Now let’s explain the weather just a bit. We have been here when they call for rain and it does it. This weather is more like that back home, warm one day, cold the next, maybe that will play into the hands of our local drivers Bowyer, Edwards, and McMurray. Who knows I guess we will wait and see. I do know this much, NASCAR is ripe for a competitor simply because these series have become all about the money. Someone asked what happened to Formula One, it got to expensive! It appears Sprint Cup is headed that same way. Want a ride bring money with you!

I get down here and I think about how we have gotten away from Stock Car racing. Want something made send it to china, which is where the frames for the modifieds are being built. Let’s get back to using ingenuity with what is made in America! Is it so hard to race what is built in America, do we have to rely on other countries for our racing? I would hope not!

More Daytona updates as the week goes, I will say it reminds a bunch of 2002, but that is entire blog coming in the future. Speaking of 2002 anyone remember who won the Daytona 500 that year?

Ward Burton