The Duels surprised me, sort of, there was more racing than I thought there would be. However, with that said there was a bunch of single file protect my car for Sunday racing also.

Even though it looked like Ricky Stenhouse took the air off two cars and they spun it was also Ricky Stenhouse who was trying to make something happen. Other spotters were telling their drivers the 17 is “island hopping”, he would try the low side, do some side drafting and pass one car at a time. He simply could not get anyone to work with him.

The Fords looked fast even though Chase Elliott had them covered in the second duel. That was quite a pass he made, without help, to take the lead. The youth movement has us spinning with who is driving which car. Still getting familiar with Chase Elliott in the #9 even though that is most appropriate for him.

Tonight, on to the Trucks. My personal opinion this is one of the best races of the year for this series and at this speedway. With that said at the RPM workshops it was stated the Truck Races are one of the hardest series to promote. You would not think that is the case since so many of us drive trucks. Could it be this series should return to its home roots, the short tracks. Some of the most exciting races for this series was at tracks like I-70 Speedway, Bakersfield, or Mansfield Motorsports Park in the mid-90s. Racing at Tony Stewart’s Eldora dirt track should have opened the eyes of the powers to be to take this series back to the grass roots.

Hey GREAT NEWS from home and for Snake Saturday in North Kansas City! The Central Auto Racing Boosters announced today in addition to putting on their annual Clyde Ellis Race On Car Show in the Festival Area they will be putting on a FREE sponsorship seminar at Finnigan’s Hall. The sponsorship seminar is open to anyone but will provide insight on how to work at obtaining sponsorship for racecars in the local market. Guest speakers will include former professional racecar driver and current racecar owner John O’Neal Jr., Businesswoman and Racecar owner Carol Burns, and USRA Ironman Stock Car Racer Jake Newman. The Sponsorship Seminar will start at 8:30 a.m. March 10, 2018 at Finnegan’s Hall in the Waterford Room.

One of my future inductees into the Hall of Fame was supposed to meet me this morning for coffee at Starbucks but had to cancel late last night. We were pre-empted by a meeting at Daytona International Speedway. Oh well, my one hint is he was a major influence in the Kansas City racing market. Probably will have to meet up by telephone.

Also, congratulations to Scott Traylor, saw on Twitter that his daughters will be spending the weekend with him here in Daytona Beach. We are also blessed, our oldest son is flying down tonight to go to the races the next two days at Daytona International Speedway.