Listed below is an email from Adrienne Malinowski prior to the first C.A.R.B. Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Adrienne was such a great leader for the organization during the planning of this first event. Years later it is awesome to look back and see, how we all formerly worked together!

– Programs….in the works. I shall be bringing a sign up sheet for our
“table station” if people shall want to order more of the programs. (Thank
you Diana for all your help on collating. Pls thank Don)

– Table count and seating….I have counts given and the “special requests”.
I shall do best I can.

– Table center pieces….done thanks to the help of Marlene, Greg and
Debbie…we worked until midnight Friday and got them all done. They are

– Inductee name tags….because of Greg’s creativity and Deb’s idea…we had
extra centerpiece tags and decided to make them into name tags that the
inductees can wear and be identified easily by media, Libby, Kirk, etc. The
four of us decided to use our CARB pins to place the name tags in honor of
what our organization is doing. Marlena, Deb and myself donated our own
money to do this for we felt it is appropriate and a very special occassion
for CARB. It will be awesome! (Diana, we shall give the money to you as
Treasurer on Saturday)

– Poster Boards…..all done but (4)…thanks to the incredible help of
Marlena and Greg working long hours with me…we created an awesome assembly
line. (I had spoken to Susie again..she just couldn’t do it…which I told
her I understood). Again….I’m so proud of these boards! I’m going to
take pictures they are so cool. We all discussed and felt that these boards
should stay with the Hall of Fame even though Marlena and Greg I’m sure is
right in the thought that the families are going to want to take them home.
I can understand their wants…however, I would like to present it in a way
so they understand that these poster boards are in honor of their family
inductee and will be utilized for all to see in our Hall of Fame mobile
truck what accomplishments their honorees have accomplished and how with
these poster boards they will help inspire new young races to follow their
own dreams! What do you think?

– Intro & Kirk speeches……J.D. thank you so much for doing these! You
are the best for this. I’m finding out not my “strength” in creating
speeches. For what I have read so far….awesome!

– 12 Raffle prizes….Marlena mentioned how challenging it will be to get
raffle tickets to all…..aren’t we still using the numbering system in the
Programs? I feel that is the best, simpliest way! (Just so you know…I
probably didn’t think this thru enough and I hope I will not offend
anyone…when I created these prizes my mind was on the fact that usually
for the Pot Luck I use the theme of St. Patricks Day. Therefore, the prizes
are centralized on racing…but decorated for Snake Saturday and St.
Patrick’s Day with the Hall of Fame mentioned on all. I hope that will be
ok for I can’t change it now….just tying in all our themes for March like
I did last year.)

– I plan to be at the hall at 3pm unless we can get in earlier. We thought
about placing two tables near the hall where the food will be for me and Deb
to sit with programs, 50yr book, history books, etc. and Reeber on the other
table. This way we can guard the table centerpieces so no one walks off
with them. I’m hoping the bowling alley will allow us to rearrange the
chairs in the hall way and place the poster boards there….shoot….it will
make it cool for the Ball down the hall to see and “spark some interest in
CARB too”! Think this will be possible?

– Lastly….the people I will want thanked…, J.D; you, Diana; my two
friends mentioned in the Program (one will be with me whom I’m buying a CARB
membership for one year to say “thanks”); The Hall of Fame Comittees and
Vicki Davis for her organization of the folders; Don for the printing;
Marlena and Greg for all their help; Debbie Bergman for her help. I wasn’t
able to mention their names in the program because I didn’t know whom would
help…but I feel I worded it ok for them to know they are thanked and
hopefully be able to mention their names of thanks during the dinner.

Thats all folks. Let me know if I’ve missed anything!