In March 2004 one of the inductees into the first class of the Central Auto Racing Boosters Hall of Fame was Bill Roberts. The Roberts family donated $5,000 to purchase a mobile trailer since C.A.R.B. was a mobile organization. The trailer pictured was purchased from Rick Beebe, it had been his ASA show car trailer. This trailer was utilized by the club at all the various functions, Snake Saturday, C.A.R.B. Nights at the tracks, Ride for Victory, Hall of Fame, Old Timers picnic, etc. Most of the time it was hauled to these events by J. D. and Diana Green, and if not by them, then their truck when Terry and Vicky Wantland hauled it to the CMS C.A.R.B. Night. On other occasions it was hauled by Mike and Kyle Johnson, Mike getting the sides re-vinyled and new tires put on it. Then there was the seven hours to get it licensed this past December because the license bureau could not get their stories straight on the not for profit status of C.A.R.B.

Today it left Green Rolling Farms where it has been stored as the split of the C.A.R.B. organization continues. It is now in possession of the C.A.R.B. Hall of Fame and Museum Inc., hopefully the two groups will again work together and it can be utilized for both organizations as it was originally intended. Hopefully, more people will step up to haul it to the various functions of the groups.

Thank you to all the sponsors over the years. For $250 a year you could have your name on the side of the trailer. Let me also clear up a misnomer which has been put out there – Mike and Kyle Johnson did not say they would not support the Hall of Fame what they said is they wanted their $250 to go towards the Benevolent fund this year instead of the Hall of Fame trailer. Owners and donors have a right to put their money where they so choose, over the years Day Automotive was on the side, Ray Boyles was on the side, Valley Speedway was on the side, Joslin Jewelry was on the side so people should not deliberately misinterpret what was said or stated.

As far as Diana and I we have resigned all our positions with the Central Auto Racing Boosters. We wish the organizations well in the future, but the time has come for us to move on. There are more horizons to conquer and more endeavors to achieve.