Facebook, what a wonderful tool when utilized correctly. It has become a great place for Kansas City racing history. There is the Old Lakeside Speedway KC, KS group which brings back lots of memories. There is the Riverside Speedway, in reality, it was Riverside Stadium, but it is another group with over 600 members. For the really old timers there is the Olympic Stadium group. There is even a group for I-70 Speedway. What is sad is all these tracks are closed, some are replaced with other businesses, some are just going back to nature, but oh when they were alive what stories they told!

Through Facebook these stories are still shared. The digital world has allowed us aging fans a few memories, a few stories, a few days of reminiscing about the good old days. Some of the stories are the same as today’s stories, some are just a bit ornery, some are totally hard to believe, some you just had to be there.

Being there is what created the Central Auto Racing Boosters Hall of Fame. Being there and following the history, sharing the history, writing the history, allowing us to look back at the history, and yes being there means being there from the start of the Hall of Fame, being there when the first selections were made, being there to remember the stories and why the first 15 inducted were so important to Kansas City racing. C.A.R.B. after all was established for many years for all the tracks within 100 miles of Kansas City, Missouri’s city hall.

Unfortunately, now we have to turn to Facebook to remember Kansas City Racing History. People who should have been inducted are merely mentioned on Facebook but at least they are mentioned and remembered. Join one of these groups, share your stories, share your stories as a race fan, share your stories as a worker, share your stories as a driver, share your stories as kid growing up at these tracks, share your stories of what these tracks meant to you, it is one of the reasons Facebook was created.