Behind every man is a great woman! While that saying is generally taken as a husband and wife, it can also be a mother and a racer, but just know behind every racer is a great woman. In racing this so aptly applies and it is a mother who we first knew. It is mothers who support us no matter what we do. It is mothers who correct us. It is mothers who nurture us as we grow from children to adults. It is mothers who love us.

Racing Moms are great givers, great organizers, great supporters, and great workers. Moms do all the little things no one else desires to do. To all the Mom’s please have a Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday.

Listed below are a few quotes from those around the race track.

From NASCAR Racer Joe Nemechek: As we reflect on our mothers on Mother’s Day this Sunday, I am thankful to my mom for not only being a terrific mother but also for always being a cornerstone of my racing career. My mother, Martha Nemechek, has been a huge supporter of my career from the very first day and has been instrumental in it. Even to this day, she keeps me on the right track and is the first person to remind me if I start to step out of bounds and forget the main reasons why I’m doing this.

A Modified Driver Tim Karrick: “My mother Charlene Karrick has supported my racing since dad first let me drive. She is at the race track each week checking the lineups, tracking the points, making her specialty chili hot dogs. She is one of my top supporters. Happy Mother’s Day Mom.”

B Modified Driver Mike Higley stated “I can’t believe the sacrifices ‘RaceMom’ made for me through all the years of racing. 20 years of loving and dedicated support… All with a stopwatch in hand. Love you Mom. Happy Mothers Day!”

Head Scorer Dana Nieman wrote, “My mother (Debbie Bergman) is a great friend, mom, grandmother. She has raised me at the racetrack and taught me to be myself. Love you Mom, Happy Mother’s Day.”

Track Announcer Bob Libbey to his mother – “Thanks for being the best mother in the world, now and then, I Love You!”

B Modified Driver Luke Nieman – “Happy Mother’s Day Mom, thank you for supporting me during my racing.”

Austin and Houston Johnson, Grand National Drivers car numbers 98 and 97, to their mother Kyle, “Thanks Mom for all you do for us and Dad. Love you!”

To my wife, Diana, Happy Mother’s Day you have been a blessing in my life, given me two sons, who led to two great daughters in law, and four super grandsons. We have accomplished much in our lives and we are blessed beyond what we deserve, but God is Love and I love you!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY from Racingkc