Remember – Have Fun!


I know everyone has heard this before but Life is Too Short!  We all love our sport of auto racing.  We choose our favorites and root for them, whether their name is Mark, Clint, Tom, Tim, Dean, Terry, Jennifer, Danica, Chad, Mike, Gene, Tony, Jeff, Bill, Dale, Jimmy, etc.  The main thing is we have FUN rooting for our favorites, whoever they may be.


Fun is why this sport was built.  At first it was man versus machine.  Then it grew into man and machine versus man and machine.  Over the years more and more drivers, owners, crews, mechanics, took on this sport because of the challenge and the fun.  Some enjoy watching the cars and drivers race in a straight line.  Some enjoy watching a race between man and machines while turning right and left.  Even more enjoy watching the cars and drivers race in a circle making left hand turns.


There is something for everyone in this sport.  As an ex-driver, the fun was competing with fellow drivers.  Never was I more relaxed than racing a racecar and competing with others.  Yes, the adrenaline starts flowing and creates monsters out of even some of the mildest mannered drivers but the fun to this day is what I miss.  Some ex-drivers, my Uncle Lyle included, had to stay away from the race track when they retire because the fun is in the driving.  The adrenaline rush a driver receives on the track is indescribable, but let’s put it this way it started because we wanted to have fun.  It is most important for everyone to understand everyone goes to the track to have fun.


Pit crews have fun watching their driver and their car.  Ask them how much of the race they saw and very seldom do they see the entire race.  They went to the track to enjoy the fun with their driver and hopefully end up in victory lane.  The ultimate fun for a pit crew, getting your picture taken with the driver.


If you are a racefan you saved your entertainment dollar to come to the track and have fun.  It is pure fun watching a great side by side race, especially if it occurs over several laps and ultimately the most fun is watching a side by side race come down to the last lap with a close finish that we hold our breath awaiting the announcers words on who won.


The announcer is a person who comes to the track to have fun.  It is his or her job to ensure you have fun.  He/She can assist with building the fun, ensuring they announce the driver name correctly, announce the sponsors, provide interesting information on the drivers (favorite drinks, favorite games, etc.), shoot just by announcing a drivers hometown immediately causes race fans from the same area to choose that driver as a favorite.  Then the fan sitting in the stands is wondering do I know that driver when did I meet him or her, where do they live in my town, whatever the case when that driver from my hometown pulls on the track I am rooting for him or her!


Even the owners (Mike and Kyle Johnson and Don and Donna Marrs) of the track want to have fun.  They want clean family atmosphere fun happening at their track.  It is what brings racers and fans back every week.  Got to have both to put on a race, the fans to pay the bills and the racers provide the racing.