Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom. ” Thomas Jefferson

Isn’t that statement so true! One of our nation’s founding fathers makes a statement that rings true today. You know I have been accused of stirring the pot and rightly so, but generally it is for those reading to face the truth, their truth. An honest person has nothing to hide. An honest person lives a life of openness which apparently causes others’ discomfort so they will attack an honest person. An honest person knows that everyone makes mistakes. An honest person can forgive.

Dishonest people on the other hand are always scheming, how can I break the rules, how can I change the rules, they have an agenda and they want others to follow their negative ways. One area which comes to mind and here I go again, stirring, but the constant changing of the bylaws in certain racing organizations. Let’s get to the truth and find the honest answer why there are this many changes. Additionally, why are these changes not published to an entire membership, why must a member attend the meeting which may be scheduled at an inappropriate time. Maybe the schedule is also a means of keeping members from knowing what is going on behind the scenes. Take it another step some organizations have requirements to ensure they share the financial condition of their organization, what does that indicate when they do not? Are they in the business of wisdom or our they writing another chapter other than the first chapter?

Current Politics is the same way. Which politician do you feel is most honest? I have my opinion and I am sure you have yours.

In racing let’s be honest, there are those who play within the rules as written and then there are those who want to play in what they call the gray area. Who is being more honest? Just think how great it would be if the rule book said this this and this are what you must do and this area and this area you can play in and do what you want? It would make life so much easier. We need to get back to being honest in the racing community, in our lives, in our politics.

Last but not least saw this on Facebook, People have to pretend you’re a bad person so they don’t feel guilty about the things they did to you. God forbid they be accountable for their B.S. Isn’t that so true!