One hundred and three (103) cars were in the pits for competition this past Saturday night. Race fans get the most racing for their money at I-35 Speedway. Hot laps start at 6:15 and the racing action continues from that point until the A Mod feature takes the checkered flag to end the night. Even during intermission there is some kind of action, Power Wheels race, hula hoop contest, etc. which ensures there is always something ongoing at the track. This past week our guest class, the WAR Sprint Cars took to the track first followed by our weekly classes of Pure Stocks, E Mods, Chargers, USRA B Mods, USRA Stock Cars, and USRA A Mods.

Two comments stuck out for the night. The first comment was from a WAR Sprint Car driver who stated, “We drive past our local track which is only 30 miles from our house to come race at your facility which is 120 miles from our home”. That statement says a lot!

The second comment, “Wow, I never realized how much work there is when I was on the other side of the fence”, Race Promoter Casey Shuman of the Wingless Auto Racing Sprint Cars made this statement at I-35 Speedway this past weekend. Yes, once a racer takes the step across the fence into promotion it is a whole new ball game. Suddenly all those racers you competed with all those years are looking to you as their leader, but not only their leader, their race director, their paycheck, their dad or mom in the case of disputes, their media guide, and their organizer. At one time as a driver you worried about the racecar and the other drivers now as the promoter you worry about it all and you deal with it all from weather, to parents, to pit crews, to insurance, to workers, to it all. This sport is funny in that way, stuff rolls uphill.

Hey let’s give a shout out to our announcer Rick Staley and our Competition Director Carl Flower who each week will be honoring one class with a hard charger award. They are taking money out of their own pocket to give someone additional, a chance to be in the spot light. After all, anyone who takes the track is a winner! This week the hard charger award went to E Mod number 63, Billy Spilman, who started ninth and finished third.
This week is Kid’s Night at the races, where the racers give back to the local community as the children prepare to go back to school. Last year over 300 back packs were handed out. Autograph sessions will be in full force, this will be a fun night for everyone.

Speaking of fun, we are less than two weeks away from the Smokin Trackside BBQ and Brew Bash on August 12 and 13. Racing, BBQ, and Brew what can be more American? Friday night will be an event you will not want to miss and it is free to the public to attend. We will have music by AJ Gaither One Man Band and a fire performance from Sophie Sassafras. There will also be a People’s Choice Barbeque contest and redneck Beer Tasting, which include nominal fees, and as always concessions and drinks will be available. Make your plans to be a part of this event!