Another night in the books at I-35 Speedway with the track hosting 95 race car drivers in competition. On a weekly basis the track averages 79 racecars in the weekly classes. Add in average of 10 cars per guest class per night and we usually host two guest classes and the track car count average for the season is 95 cars per night. To date there have been 1,792 competitors at I-35 Speedway this race season. That is a whole bunch of racing for your money!

This race night can be categorized as the night the moon rose out of the east, only a couple of days past a full moon (Waning Gibbous). It started with Mother Nature raining for the third week in a row on Friday, more specifically, Friday evening. This makes track preparation very challenging. Some drivers love a tacky track some drivers love a dry slick. Back when I raced I preferred dry slick and of course on asphalt the dry slick experience helped. When we raced our chariots, in those days, we didn’t have social media to complain about whichever track we received, with or without Mother Nature’s help.

Did you know you can also receive a back massage while at the races at I-35 Speedway? Yes, you can, just stop and sit in front of Darla Dixon and you will be saying “oooh, I will give you 30 minutes to quit”. Of course for two weeks in a row, I have stopped to get my massage but the problem is I can’t sit that long, got to keep those lineups moving. I have had several people tell me to get a pedometer and see how much I walk on a Saturday night. Thank goodness in the pits I normally have a four wheeler to jump on when I need to travel to the far reaches of the pits or even down to the infield of the track.

Hey we need to give a shout out to the Pure Stock class, green to checkered! With Jimmy Masoner joining the ranks of winners in the E Mod class we have seen seven different drivers in this class in victory lane in 2016. This is the same number of winning drivers in the A Mod class. The B Mod class continues to lead with 10 different winners, five of those 10 have multiple feature wins. Five different winners have occurred in the Charger and Pure Stock class with four different winners in the Stock Cars.

As we are in August can you believe the great temperatures we have been presented. Believe it or not we are almost sold out of I-35 Speedway hoodies.

The season is winding down, only 9 more weeks of racing at I-35 Speedway. Some tracks will be closing down in the next couple of weeks which means for those drivers serious about point racing in the national USRA points they will be stopping to visit I-35 Speedway. This past weekend we had national points leader Josh Angst in the Modifieds try his talents against the weekly drivers. He was battling in the top 4 most of the night, even leading for a couple of laps. That shows us how blessed we are to have the talent of weekly drivers in the A Mods each week!

This week is Central Auto Racing Boosters Night at the races. This group has been in existence since 1952 promoting interest in and the understanding of circle track racing. At intermission they will be presenting the Larry Kaster Driver Appreciation Awards. Also this weekend we will welcome back the Sport Compact class. They will be competing with us three times, August 17, September 3, and September 24. We say welcome back because years ago they ran at this track under another sanction.

See everyone Saturday for another night of exciting fun at I-35 Speedway.