One hundred and fourteen (114) racecars entered the pits for competition on this race night! Nineteen of these cars entered after the first heat race lineups were posted. You might ask how I would know that information, well now for a little behind the scenes information. At 6 o’clock, Competition Director Carl Flower heads over to the pit grandstands to start the driver’s meeting. At the same time Head Scorer, Linda Howell, starts the process of figuring lineups, printing them, and getting them distributed. We don’t like to keep secrets, so distribution of line ups is very important.

A copy of the lineups is taped on the lineup board so drivers know where to start, a copy is given to the lineup official, Beth Wilburn, so she can help the drivers get organized in the pit area so they enter the track correctly, a copy is given to announcers (Rick and Carley) so they have the correct information to provide the fans (Lord knows we need to help Rick), a copy is provided for the scorers so they are prepared when racing begins, and a copy goes to the office so they can prepare for the end of the night distributions.

Now this all sounds simple, correct? It is until after posting the lineups we have 19 more drivers arrive and they need to be added to the lineups and guess what, that is where yours truly comes in because all those other people are leaving the drivers meeting and heading to their positions to announce, get hot laps rolling out, prepare their score sheets and do all the necessary things to make a night of racing happen. So for those moments when hot laps are on the track, we are busy at the pit gate, Kayce signing in all the late arrivals while working the pit concession and me updating the lineups and ensuring before the races start all the people that need the information receive the information. Now you know one of the reasons why you see me make so many trips to and from the tower. (Thank you Noah for making that first run for me).

As for the racing, what a great track, what a night of racing, what a night of entertainment, and what a B Mod race. Granted I don’t get to see all the races, but I did get to watch the B Mod race, what a race! Four cars battling for the win, side by side, nose to tail, lap after lap, a mistake by any of them could have been disaster. Thank you Tim Eaton, Doug Keller, Randy Ainsworth, and Steve Starmer, that was awesome racing.

This week’s social media comment comes from B Mod winner Doug Keller: Had a blast last night! I didn’t have anything for the leaders and made some driving adjustments and got in the mix for at least a four car battle for the win. I passed for the lead low and a yellow negated that. The leader took my line so I did something I don’t do very well and had to make the pass on the high side, it wasn’t pretty and I ate the wall with a little help but picked up another win. I’d love to see video! 3 nights at I-35 and the car has hardly any damage on the new body after lots of side by side racing.

Mr. Keller’s statement sums up the B Mod racing at I-35 Speedway this year. Ten different winners in this class – wow! Outstanding drivers! Also his statement says the work Mike Johnson puts into the track each week to give the drivers a great track is paying off. Heard from several drivers how impressed they were with the smoothness of the track. I would guess 114 racecars in competition is testimony to his efforts.

It is the season we have noticed many more sweatshirts in the crowd. Just a reminder the concession stand has hot chocolate and coffee to warm you should you have a little chill. Twenty-one races in the books, seven to go.