Mother Nature helped out Mike Johnson, again, on Friday night she decided to provide the track with 2.75 inches of rain. Like two weeks ago, she once again provided drying power and with Mike working his magic the track was super smooth and somewhat dry slick. All the numerous comments I heard were from those drivers who love a super smooth and somewhat dry slick track, because we all know drivers do have their preferences.
Once again the pits were full of racers, one hundred and nine (109) competitors signed in to compete in the night’s races. To date I-35 Speedway has had 2,077 competitors in 22 race nights. Divide 2,077 by 22 and you will find the track averages 94 race cars a night. Six of the 22 race nights have included car counts over 100. Our lowest car count this year has been 80, twice.

The B Mods continue to lead with 11 different winners this year since Bud Wilson claimed his first win of the season this past week. Eleven winners in one class shows how competitive this class has become and how this track attracts the best B Mod competitors. With Matt Johnson claiming the A Mod feature we have enjoyed eight different A Mod drivers in victory lane. The E Mods have also enjoyed eight different winners this year. Two weeks ago Donnie Brown claimed the win in the Charger class making five different drivers in this class taking the checkered flag first. The Pure Stock and Stock Car classes have also enjoyed five different winners.

Opening festivities included remembering our lost family members (the Mike Knight family was in attendance) and a salute to first responders since this was 9-11 week, a day we will always remember! Let’s give a shout out to the I-35 Speedway first responders, the Daviess County Ambulance Service and Bridgeman Towing who also double as our fire crew. The Bridgeman family stated they have been working this track every year except two. That is dedication and showing a love for our sport. Thank you ambulance crews and Bridgeman family.

This week’s social media is a couple of Facebook Reviews. From Patti Reiter, “This place is amazing” and from Joseph Anders, “I really had a good time had plenty of room for me to park my semi for the night I will be coming back”.

Now about the racing – Wow! I don’t always get to see all the races, but the E Mods, B Mods, and A Mods were simply fun exciting races. I did not get to see the Pure Stocks but I believe they went green to checkered. In the E Mods it was a three-way battle between winner Anthony Asher, Matthew Lance, and Matt Dorssom, sometimes it was three wide and sometimes it was nose to tail but what great racing. The B Mods were just as exciting until Ed Noll and Doug Keller let Bud Wilson get away from them as they battled for second. The A Mod race was a dandy, six different drivers were running up front, eventual winner Matt Johnson, Aaron Marrant, Dennis Elliott, Jet Big Eagle, Kevin Blackburn, and Derrick Hicks were all battling for the lead at various times in the race, sometimes three wide as they fought for position. This truly was edge of your seat racing, congratulations to all the winners.

Look for more news to be coming out in the next few weeks concerning the Show Me Spectacular and the season ending banquet. Yep, unfortunately we are approaching the end of the 2016 racing season so ensure you make all the remaining races as our winter break is approaching.