Most nights at the racetrack everything flows very smoothly, race after race is close, there are very few yellow flags, concession lines move quickly, all the equipment works, and then there are the nights, the nights we look for a full moon, the nights no matter what everyone tries everything is just a struggle. In my several years of experience it appears there are two nights a season when tracks experience the “full moon” effect. There are also two years a night where everything goes right. We never know what we will experience until the night of racing starts.
Mother Nature continues to give a challenge each week. That morning we received rain, and that night we were racing storms which moved in after our racing program was completed. We would prefer to allow the drivers to get their recognition for a win immediately after their feature event, but with weather around we move the trophy presentations to the end of the night. Only twice this year have we been able to allow the drivers to be recognized in front of the crowd. Early forecasts indicate this week may be the third week of the year. We can only hope and pray!
Once again did anyone notice anything new at the track? Mike and Kyle Johnson continue to improve their track every week. A couple of weeks ago the former souvenir trailer was moved and now you can visit Carl in the booth next to the beer stand at the front entrance. The missing trailer left an open space which this past week was filled with two additional picnic tables. We need to thank the Johnsons’ for their continued support of racing, always looking to improve something for the fans, the racers, and the workers.
Finally we want to remember our racing family member Hillbilly Smith who passed this past week. It was a very good tribute by announcer Rick Staley and it was awesome see how many fans wore bib overalls and orange shirts. Pat yourself on the back racing family.
This week we have double A modified features. Double features make for lots of fun but they are a challenge to the racer. What if something happens in the first feature and they cannot then make the heat races and second feature? It is worrisome but it is what Mother Nature has dealt us. Good luck to all the racers this week. Let’s all remember the reason we came to the track is to have fun.