Racing, close racing, exciting racing, photo finish racing, heat races, feature races, it did not matter, the super exciting racing was all everyone was talking about after the completion of the fifth week of racing at I-35 Speedway. The track was in excellent racing shape and allowed for all the grooves to be utilized, high, low, middle, three wide, four wide, five wide, obviously a great track for the drivers and an even better track for the fans to see the talents on display behind the wheel of the racecars!

Social Media lit up on the heat race finish of the first Stock Car heat. From the drop of the green flag this race was a contest between all five contestants, Billie Hoover, Dean Wray, Jon Boller, Jeff Dixon, and Jay Barnes. We have all heard the announcer cliché about throwing a blanket over the top drivers, how about throwing a blanket over the entire field for all six laps! Then let’s top it off with a three wide dance coming out of turn 4 for the win, Hoover high, Wray in the middle, and Boller trying low, with Dixon and Barnes on their bumpers. The finish was Hoover by a bumper ahead of Wray who was a bumper in front of Boller – wow – and this was just a heat race!

The heat races set the tone for some great battles in the upcoming features. The 21 car field of E Mods started the night of feature racing excitement, with Matt Dorssom claiming his third feature of the year. Before you think Dorssom is the dominant car please realize he has been lucky, very lucky, extremely lucky, casino lucky, you see the Top 8 drivers in passing points after the heat races in this class do a redraw for starting position. Dorssom has not started any further back than the second row after the redraws. With his luck we might want to take him to the craps table at a Casino and ride his rolling of the dice.

The Pure Stocks are a rapidly growing class in the Midwest and at I-35 Speedway. The eleven car field was led to the checkers by Jay Barnes. Richard Hench claimed the win in the Midwest Lightning Sprints. “Old Guys Rule” Buz Kaster took the checkered in the Charger class.
In years past the B Mods have taken their fair share of critique for lots of yellow flag laps, NOT on this night! The best of the best B Mod drivers are migrating to I-35 Speedway. On this race night they had one yellow flag on lap 2 in the race. The track was in such perfect shape this race enjoyed five wide racing for sixth through 14th positions. Randy Ainsworth claimed the win but not without challenges from Steve Starmer, Doug Keller, Bud Wilson, and Shadren Turner.

The always competitive Stock Cars took to the track and after that heat race, this feature race was very much anticipated. The finishing order was changed a little a bit from the first heat with Wray first, Dixon second, Boller third, and Hoover fourth. The A Mods also experienced only one yellow and Zach Sanders took the win in this race.

This night is not without its unusual events. We had a lost young lady looking for her fiancée. Like most women she was not afraid to stop and ask for directions and thank goodness she did as she was in an area of the track she should not have been in. Fortunately, we were able to assist her with parking and finding her fiancée. I35 Speedway is a full service track providing match making when we can.

Last week was Rod End Supply and America’s Best Value Inn Night at the Races. This week is Tompkins Night at the Races. Please patronize all our sponsors who make race nights possible. Speaking of sponsors did anyone notice the new sponsor this week? The sign is behind the pit bleachers, Clay County Engine Rebuilders. Thank you to all our sponsors!