Thank you veterans who have served this country to protect our freedom to race. A special thank you to those who gave their life protecting our freedoms. I always think about the USS Arizona on Memorial Day. My Doctor’s father got off the Arizona in San Diego before it sailed to Hawaii.

This past weekend, Mother Nature allowed us to honor those who have protected and who gave their life protecting. She also allowed us enough time to get in all the heat races and three feature races. The B Mods, Stock Cars, and A Mods now have two feature races to make up. Weather permitting the B Mod and Stock Car features from May 16 will be made up on May 30. The Non Wing Sprint race will be made up on June 6 and the A Mod feature from May 16 is now scheduled for June 13.

The May 23 features for the B Mods, Stock Cars, and A Mods will be made up as double header on July 4. We will start the night with those features, run heats for the E-Mods, grand Nationals, and Hobby Stocks, if needed a B feature will be ran for the B Mods, then we will run feature events for all the classes. Heats will not be ran that night for the B Mods, Stock Cars or A Mods instead we will utilize a redraw process.

Part of making this schedule is also taking into consideration other events. June 20 is the annual “Racin for Rian” when the A Mods will be racing for $1,500 to win, the USRA B Mods and USRA Stock Cars will be racing for $1,000 to win. Bud and Amanda Wilson make this event happen each year and their event raises lots of money for the Neo Natal Unit at St. Lukes Hospital. This event is the racing community giving back to our local society. Bud and Amanda should be remembered for this event come time for the C.A.R.B. award nominations.

Speaking of awards, watch for more news in the future but I-35 Speedway will be holding their own banquet this year. The Cameron Missouri Community Center will be the place to be as we crown our champions and others on November 14, 2015.

As for the racing once again it was fast and furious, I-35 Speedway style. The night began with make-up features in the Grand Nationals and the Hobby Stocks. Congratulations to the 57 year youngster Buz Kaster and Greg Gilbert for their early wins. Congratulations to John Brown for winning the E Mod feature, Houston Johnson for topping the field in the Grand Nationals, and Mich Ross for getting the win in the Hobby Stocks. Thank you to all the racers for being on time in lineup and clean racing on the racetrack! And thank you racers for packing when needed allowing us to get in the amount of races we did complete.

Let’s get a little help this next week, May 30. When you say your prayers include a request for dry weather for I-35 Speedway. If you have grown up and forgotten you can pray, like we were taught as children, then let’s be like children and resume saying our prayers. Even Mother Nature reports to a higher authority.

Finally let’s close with saying thank you to Mike and Kyle Johnson for giving us a great facility to race at each week. The facility is always clean, groomed, and well kept. Some of the bleachers are currently being replaced for fan and pit crew comfort. Additionally, every week the fan gets the most races for their money. Share with your friends how great the racing and the fun are at I-35 Speedway.