Work, work, work, weather, weather, weather those would be the words from last week. Mother Nature has us in a weather pattern we need to break. Bad weather conditions with bad drivers on the road can lead to major accidents. If you’re ever involved in an accident, you can visit for a free conversation about your case. Bad weather has been predicted for three straight weeks and leading up to this weekend we have been able to get the races completed. But the weather forecasters cause us to make contingency plans, just in case. Their predictions create lots of anxiety for the owners, the promoters, the race teams, and the race fans. We do our best to keep our fans, drivers, and everyone informed of what the possibilities may be so everyone can plan accordingly. We consider everyone at I-35 Speedway to be family, we look forward to seeing our family each week, and we strive to keep our family informed of what may or may not happen. Mother Nature, please bring on sunny and 75 every Saturday from here until the end of the season!

Now about the work, work, work, I was part of it for four straight days last week. Weed eating, weed spraying, tree trimming, mowing, parts running, window washing, yep that is why I retired from the FAA, to help at the racetrack and make it the best track in the area! But let me give you some insight into two more people who put it all out there for all of us. Who instead of allowing me to golf everyday as a retiree instead allow me to work, work, work! Owners Mike and Kyle Johnson love this racing family! They work seven days a week, to ensure the racetrack is ready for the racers, the race fans, and the workers.

Let’s look at their past week. It starts early on Sunday, after a couple of hours rest they are up and at ‘em. Sunday brings a day of picking up trash and if weather permits working the track and working the track means Kyle is picking up most of the trash. That is why we ask everyone please utilize the trash cans. Trash includes picking up all the tear offs from the drivers, you want to know why this racetrack is so clean then thank Kyle. Monday, Mike is back working the track. Tuesday finds a day of putting up banners, weed eating, mowing, and preparing the camping area. Wednesday, more of the same as Tuesday with maybe some box blading added in to ensure your drive into the racetrack is on smooth level roads. Thursday finds mowing, because Friday called for moisture, and putting out trash cans, etc. Mowing includes all the parking area, the pits, the back road, anywhere you see grass or in some cases green. Friday, both Mike and Kyle were at the track working, organizing, moving furniture in the Trackside Bar and Grill. Oh and did I mention Kyle works a full time 40 hour a week job, and in addition, they both share ordering food and beverages and stocking the various venues. That leads to Saturday and they are the first here as Mike waters the track, Kyle prepares the concession, leading to race night and our enjoyment of the races. Then it all starts over again!

This past Saturday saw the USMTS where 30 modifeds came to compete. In addition, we had 22 B Mods and 13 Stock Cars competing in the USRA Ironman series. Finally, we had seventeen E Mods also in competition. Congratulations to Ricky Thornton, Jr. on winning the USMTS race. Also congrats to Mike Tanner on winning the B Mod feature (two in a row), Don Nunnikhoven won the Stock Car feature, and Randy Smith Jr doubles up two weeks in a row with the win in the E Mods.