FUN! That was the word for this past weekend! Fun weather, Fun theme, Fun giveaways, Fun Racing, what more could you ask for but a Fun Night of Racing!

First and foremost there was some sportsmanship to hand out. Brandon Box, Pure Stock Driver of the #4B, I was told, I did not witness this, but received several reports, he got into someone and came almost to a complete stop to allow that person to regain control of his car. That is sportsmanship! Speaking of the Pure Stocks most of them have been gracious to allow our single Sport Compact the last three weeks to race with them. Again, that is sportsmanship. Add to that Steven Bunton the loan Sport Compact this past weekend was gracious enough to drop to the back, even though the earned a front row starting spot. Once again more sponsorship. If you see sportsmanship on the track or at the track, it comes in multiple forms, please let me know, I can’t be everywhere but it is only right to publicize sportsmanship when we observe it.

More fun, because our Tech Man Gene Stigall, was competing in the Stock Car class, I had to become Tech Man for the B Mods and the Stock Cars. The B Mod drivers that arrived in tech were talking about the great race they had just experienced as competitors. Shoot they were so excited their crews had to take the left rear tire off for me, we were checking their J Bar measurements. All four drivers were Chatty, that is when you know they were having fun! Stock Car drivers were in a hurry to get out of tech and either go celebrate their finish or watch the A Mods. We checked right front brakes, their transmission, and the placement of their rear shocks.

So the racing was fun, exciting, fast paced and great to watch. Also having fun was our Facebook administrator. Gotta keep them eyes on I-35 Speedway Winston, this past week we introduced a free bag of popcorn for the first five to the concession stand which showed the Facebook broadcast. In the last couple of years, we are leading the way in how to use Facebook to promote the racetrack and our specials. Using Facebook Live to show the races has become almost second nature, as I stated a couple of weeks ago, I want to Facebook Live the crowd as they watch through their phone their favorite driver. Accepting this is the wave of the future last year we added Nicole Noll doing Live broadcast at the track and prerace broadcasts of the week’s event and during the winter her Live broadcast showed the improvements which were added and are still being added. This year, post-race, we have added via Facebook Live the Nightly Recap normally done by track announcer Rick Staley.

Speaking of improvements did anyone notice the telephone poles with crossbucks which were added at the north end of the parking lot. These poles were set as we prepare to give that area lighting for the new pit area and the parking area. Owners Mike and Kyle Johnson are continually adding new amenities to the track for the racers and the fans. These amenities we hope add to your fun at the track!

Congratulations to our winners, Mark Dotson in the A Mods, John Boller, Jr. in the Stock Cars, Doug Keller in a close side by side battle with Bud Wilson was the B Mod winner, Ben Stockton in E Mods, and Cletus Murray in the Pure Stocks. More fun this weekend to be had by all, see you at the fun track, I-35 Speedway!