In our I-35 Speedway spotlight today we find him howling loud at the moon, ‪#‎3D‬‬ “Maddog” Matt Dorssom. Don’t let the “Maddog ” nickname fool you, Matt is one of the calmest and nicest drivers you will ever meet and competes in the USRA B-Mod division. With a clean and consistent track demeanor the Lancaster KS driver has several feature wins to his credit in his B-Mod and one in a borrowed E-Mod. At 45 years of age, Matt is just getting started and calls Atchison County Raceway and I-35 Speedway his home tracks.

Matt is married to Kim and they have one child Kiley that supports his racing career to the max. Working at Atchison County Road and Bridge for the past 20 years Matt has now started another chapter in his life taking a new construction job that he feels is a career step in the right direction. Matt attended ACCHS and got the racing itch when fellow Lancaster native “The Hammer” John Brown let him take a few laps in his car. That was enough to get his motor running and a few months later he had a car of his own.

Starting his career in 2013, Matt has raced tracks like ACR, I-35, HPT, Lakeside, Valley and Bethany proving any track can be conquered by the fast #3D. Choosing the #3 was easy for Matt as it was his daughter Kiley’s number in high school sports reminding us again of just how much racing truly is a family sport.

Career highlights include two feature wins at Atchison County Raceway and one Feature win at I-35 Speedway. Matt and John Brown are close friends and at I-35 Speedway John won two E-Mod Features in a row. The following week John could not make it to the track and asked Matt to drive his car. Matt gladly accepted the challenge knowing he either had to win the feature or move out of Lancaster because he would never hear the end of not winning. Driving like a possessed “Maddog” , Matt did indeed win the feature and all was well in Lancaster!

Matt’s favorite racing memory was winning his heat race at Lakeside to get into the show at the 2013 Sunflower Nationals. Least favorite memory was at I-35, the last race of 2013. Winning his heat race, then had to draw frisbees for start position and he picked 13th. Then, at the drop of the green flag the drive shaft of the #3D came flying out of the car on the front straightaway bringing his night to an early end.

Future plans for Matt are to run both ACR and I-35 Speedway this 2015 racing season.

Sponsors include Martin Construction, Brown Construction, Falk Farms, Dragonite Jewelry, Napa Auto Parts, Real Deal Wraps, Yancy’s Automotive, Bill’s Built Race Cars and Tanner Racing. Something fans may not know and I quote, “Despite the “Maddog” nickname, I’m really a pretty calm person”.

Matt would like to thank his wife Kim for putting up with him, John and Donnie Brown for being great neighbors and the fans for cheering him on at the race track. When asked what advice he would give someone wanting to get into racing Matt said, “Buy the best equipment you can to start out with. Find some people that know what they are doing. Both will save you money”! Let’s all look for the “Maddog” hot on the track this 2015 racing season at I-35 Speedway and cheer him on to McCarthy Auto Group Victory Lane as we enjoy more “Dirt Trackin at its Best”