The items mother’s keep and share many years later with their children can be priceless. Who dreamed in 1976 when now Doctor Mike Munger and myself wrote this article for the Kansas City Star/Times it would lead to a life of writing about various things in life, God, Family, Work, and Racing. To the Central Auto Racing Boosters Hall of Fame Board of Directors this should prove to you I have been part of media for a long time. In fact, that vary year I attended a dinner hosted by a young George Brett and KC Star Sports Editor Joe McGuff. McGuff talked me out of pursuing a sports writer career because he could see it was a dying career, at that time only 2000 jobs opened a year for 25,000 applicants. My how times have changed since then, from two newspapers a day to the internet on our mobile phones.

The sad part to this story, some of the people mentioned in this article have since passed on. One immediately after high school in an accident on Highway 210 and another I just recently discovered passed on in 2006, she was in Diana’s class of 1977.


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