My letter to the:

National Football League
345 Park Ave.
New York, NY 10154

To Whomever is Responsible for Officiating:

For years I have questioned with friends and family about the National Football League being the National Fixed League. There have been too many questionable calls and it is usually apparent within the first quarter which team is deemed the team to win simply by watching the calls the officials are making and against whom.
No better display of this was the officiating at the Kansas City Chiefs versus Arizona Cardinals game on December 7, 2014. Talk about a “day to remember” this was a flagrant demonstration of the National Fixed League. Officiating should not determine who wins or loses a game but three calls were the best display that the National Football League is truly the National Fix League.

The three calls in question started with the roughing the passer call against Tamba Hali in the first quarter. As stated before the National Fix League can usually be determined by the officiating in the first quarter.

The second fixed call came on “offensive pass interference” when tight end Anthony Fasano caught a touchdown pass. Replays indicate there was nothing there and the defense followed another player and let Fasano move into the end zone.

The final call was the Kelce fumble. The play was called down by contact on the field. The replay indicated there was possibly a fumble but who recovered it? It appeared the ball was recovered by Kelce and knocked away after the call on the field. Announcers and players were all expecting the call on the field to stand but no in another way to utilize the officiating team to fix the league the call was a fumble and recovered by Arizona.

More fixing you might ask, the Denver Broncos and particularly Peyton Manning are able to rest the game clock at their will simply by making the clock reset motion to the officials?

National Fixed League just so you know I quit watching baseball after the 1994 strike. While I have enjoyed the National Football League for many years the apparent fixing of games needs to stop immediately. The National Fixed League need to find a solution to overcome this rapidly growing concern with officiating. I am telling everyone to pay attention to how a game is called and let’s see how many games in the future are already fixed before the game starts.

For those reading this on my blog copy and paste this letter and send in your own version to the address above.


J D Green