Being directly involved in the operations at Lakeside Speedway and I-35 Speedway provides an opportunity to report on some of the behind the scenes events.  Moving the originally scheduled Friday night opener for Lakeside Speedway from frigid 47 to Sunday afternoon high of 76 was a good move from the fan and racers standpoint.  I35 Speedway was a bit chilly but the racing action was great, the switch to USRA brought on super racing.  Both tracks were awesomely prepared and received accolades on the social media networks by fans and drivers.
The Border War Bonus pays an additional $75 to the highest finishing competitor, $50 to the second highest finishing competitor, and $25 to the third highest finishing competitor who raced the previous race at the sister track (I-35 Speedway).  Earning this money was Trevor Hunt, Aaron Marrant, and Tyler Schmidt in the A Mods as they were the highest finishers the night before at I35 Speedway who came and raced at Lakeside Speedway on Sunday.   Jay Barnes earned the bonus in the Stock Cars, Austin and Houston Johnson in the Grand Nationals, and Chad Feather in the B Mods as they competed Saturday at I-35 Speedway and then followed up on Sunday at Lakeside Speedway.
USRA brought a new “Zero Policy” strictness to tech.  Almost everyone in the area had migrated to giving folks a week to fix items when in reality everyone can read the rules and comply.  Racers will need to get out the rules and ensure their cars comply with what is published.    USRA’s Head Tech Official was in attendance at both tracks leading to disqualifications at both tracks during the opening events.
Did you know at Lakeside Speedway we depend on several not-for-profit groups to work various projects?  This past week the Turner Bears came on Monday afternoon to clean the parking lots, terrace, pits, and grandstands.  On different weekends we have difference groups, if you have a group that would be interested in working please call the office at 913-299-9206.  We all can help the groups if we utilize the trash cans around the facility.
Opening weekend always involves registration for the drivers, license for the sanction body, and of course the purchase of pit passes.  Opening weekend the lines are even longer because many wait until the last minute to complete registration.  All tracks experience this but it makes starting on time a real test.  For our Lakeside fans we apologize for our five minute late start
Sportsmanship:  Darrin Fuqua came up and pointed out someone had left a jack, an electric impact, and a tire in the hot lane area and wanted to make sure we put them up before someone helped themselves.  Also Mike Smith sent a facebook message to Lakeside – Found mud plug. Came off of a B-Mod. Rolled into
our pit stall when the B-Mod’s were lining up for their feature. Red speedway mud plug.  We will have it with us this Friday. We park in the first row.
Joe Smith, Jr, Purple #56 Factory Stock.  Folks that is sportsmanship something we can hang out hat on that happens every week in our sport.
Finally, it was great seeing all the race fans back at the track.  We truly are a racing family, honoring Gene Tuttle at I-35 Speedway and honoring Ray Littrell at Lakeside Speedway brought back great memories of those gentlemen.   Thank you racers and fans for remembering those who helped move forward our sport.
Let’s see what week 2 brings.