The Royals have just did it with their eighth playoff win in a row they have clinched the American League Championship. What excitement for this city what excitement for the country as an underdog has taken the sport and propelled it forward. NASCAR wake up and see what is happening! After sweeping the Angels members of the ball team met with fans at a local bar and celebrated together. After sweeping the Orioles members of the team are heading to the Power and Light District to celebrate with their fans. Wow celebrity ball players, champion ball players celebrating with their fans in this day and age – wow! That is how you capture the heart of a city, the heart of fans, the heart of the sport.

NASCAR they run and hide, drivers fenced off from the fans, segregated from the public. NASCAR was built on fans meeting and following their favorite drivers, now they have become snobs, celebrities in their own minds. Jamie McMurray got his start racing at Lakeside Speedway, I-70 Speedway and I-44 Speedway, local area tracks. Now you can not call him, he acts like we the local racing fan do not matter. Clint Bowyer and Carl Edwards are still approachable but no longer make it to the local tracks when in town. In years past racers could ask for show money, not anymore, those times have past. It is time to get back to grassroots, meet the public, meet the fans, show up at local tracks, support the sport, and party together like it is 1985. Otherwise, this sport will continue to shrink, seats being removed from tracks, smaller television contracts, smaller sponsorships, all because our sport forgot their roots.

Learn from the Royals, learn the magic, learn to bring our sport back to the people and then watch it grow. That is NASCAR’s challenge, that is our challenge locally. Let’s have fun like the Royals are having fun. Party like it is 1985!