Week 5 starts with the weather again being a pain. Saturday, we get to the track at noon, and owner’s Mike and Kyle Johnson are already here. When we left Platte City, the sky was dark to the west but light to the east. There were no radar targets until we left. As we got to Cameron it was raining and it rained all the way to the track. After assessing the situation for an hour it became apparent we needed to cancel and move to Sunday racing, 51 degrees and too wet. So here we come Sunday a high in the low 60s.

Ninety four racecars were in attendance at I-35 Speedway on Sunday, April 26, 2015. Fans were treated to the most racing for your money! There were a total of 23 races, 15 heats races, one B feature, and seven A features.

Racecar drivers loved the track, smooth top to bottom and not overly wet. Most tracks which were able to compete this past weekend were over watered either by the track prep crew or Mother Nature. We have Mike Knight and Mike Johnson to thank for the great track. Speaking of Mike Johnson we all need to thank him for his pristine race track each week and the amount of racing we get to see.

Common racetrack philosophy is to have three maybe four classes per track. Mike and Kyle Johnson believe in giving fans the most for the money and the racer the most for his/her money. The Stock Car class, Hobby Stock class, and Grand National class at most tracks would be cancelled or merged into another class. At I-35 Speedway Mike and Kyle believe in letting them run and hopefully growing the classes.

Now about that pristine condition of the track, Mike is a perfectionist. He wants his facility looking the cleanest of all the tracks in the area and the track itself to be the best for a racer. He leads by example, if trash needs picked up then he can be found picking up trash, If the grandstands need blown then he can be found blowing the grandstands with his trusty leaf blower, if something needs repaired he can……….call Tony or JD and get it repaired. As the weather gets warmer little children love him because he might just take them to get ice cream. Each week Mike works the track at least 20 hours a week, he does what he needs to do concerning trash, and as we get towards race day he can be found mowing and weed eating, ensuring the grass is to his liking. Each week the above work gets completed, not to mention upcoming paint jobs. That is why when Mother Nature interferes it is so disappointing to Mike and Kyle Johnson.

As for the racing, what a great show, congratulations to our winners, Terry Schultz in A Mods, Shadren Turner with his first ever win in the B Mods, Bud Wilson in the Grand Nationals, Greg Gilbert in the Hobby Stocks, Mark Billings in the Midwest Lighting Sprints, and Dean Wray by about 6 inches over Jeff Dixon in the Stock Cars.
I-35 Speedway the best racing value and the best racing for the fan, the best racetrack prep for the drivers, the best racing with photo finishes, and the cleanest racetrack. Make it a great weekend to join us every Saturday.