Wow the racing is the topic for this week’s recap. Awesome racing all night long. Three wide battle at the checkered for the B Mods, cars starting in back and making a rush to the front, fun, fun, fun for everyone. It seemed almost everyone was loving the racing, loving the program clicking right along, even in the tech area people were stating they loved having their cars and others tech inspected and yes there were a couple of disqualifications but more on that later.

A great racing program is one in which the program moves right along without forcing it, that means clean racing, drivers doing the give and take, safety crews which are right on the scene when needed, announcers who entertain and call the action as it occurs and fill the dead time when there is some, drivers staged for the next race, and everything moving as smooth as possible. Every race night that is our desire at I-35 Speedway, does it always occur, nope, but for a full moon night we will take this last week as a great night!

Even the concessions were set and ready to go. Lines were constantly moving and the concession help was ready and willing to serve. By now everyone realizes where you can get a great tenderloin (the bar and grill), a tasty funnel cake (the funnel cake stand before the bar and grill located in turn 1), and of course a great walking taco or hamburger (at the main concession located in turn 4). Not to be missed but if you desire a beer, Tammy will glad you serve you one at the beer stand located next to the entrance.

Now back to the racing, the E-mod class continues to be the class for the young as youth leads the way in this growing class. They led off the night and there was great racing throughout the field. Of note Allie Mulich starting in the back and finishing third and Emma Martin in her first race coming home tenth. Grand Nationals went green to checkered, way to go guys keep this up each week. The B Mods had a three way three wide battle for the win coming to the checkered between Tim Eaton, Shadren Turner, and Ronnie Miller. The Stock Car class continues their tradition of racing within inches where literally you could throw a blanket and cover the entire class. The A Mods was a 20 lap battle between heat race winners Dennis Elliott and Darren Shaw. Congratulations to all the winners Jeremiah Asher, Austin Johnson, Greg Gilbert, Tim Eaton, Jason Estes, and Dennis Elliott.

Now on to Technical Inspections after the races. I-35 Speedway has been blessed to have Carl Flowers come on board and do our tech inspections. Carl is well known throughout the region and one of the top USRA tech officials. As I passed through the tech area after each race I heard from several how they appreciate we are teching the cars this year. Did it lead to couple of disqualifications, yes, it did. An E-Mod had the incorrect shocks on the car and there is a reason for the rules in this class and that is to keep the expensive equipment out. The B Mods had a disqualification and we have to give props to the person disqualified. The B Mod taking the checkered in the three wide battle was car number 76. In tech it was discovered he had changed distributors and failed to connect the rev limiter, which is a no-no. He readily admitted the mistake and eloquently gave back the trophy to present to the driver earning the win. No screaming, no hollering, just graceful acceptance of the results.

So for a full moon night week 6 was a great night of racing.