Let’s start with a behind the scenes look at everything that led up to the races on September 2. It was a very busy fruitful week for accomplishments. Every week the track must be worked, which involves hours of pulling a sheep’s foot around and around and around the track at the extremely fast speed of 15 to 20 miles an hour or more appropriately 1600 RPM. Compare that to the racecars which turn between 6000 and 8000 RPM. Another way to state this is racecars make a circuit around the track in 16 to 20 seconds and the tractor makes a pass in the 70 to 75 second range pulling the sheep’s foot. Then you will see the road grader take the track with its burning speed of 10 to 12 miles an hour which when finished leads to the 80 to 100 mile an hour rush of the racecars depending on class. Yep, track prep each and every week.

This week also saw the bleacher painting project come to completion. Must say I was honored to attend a Northland Festivals meeting (Snake Saturday and Swift Mile) with white paint still in the cuticles of my fingernails. Got done painting at 3:45, cleaned up, left track at 4:06 and made it to North Kansas City for the meeting at 4:50. I drive by cruise control, setting the cruise five over the speed limit for those of you picturing me doing foot to the floor speed racing on the highway. I-35 Speedway really is just a short drive up the interstate, worst part of the drive to North Kansas City was the one lane southbound just before Liberty.

Another day was spent weed eating (yuck), moving trash barrels into their proper position (thank you everyone for using the barrels), putting rugs back in restrooms, and weed killer spraying. Finally, weather permitting you will find us here on Friday mowing. Mike Johnson mows the larger parking and pit areas and you will find me zipping around on the zero-turn mowing the hill sides, around the trees, around the flag poles, in the infield, even out in the camping area.

Speaking of camping area, our map of camping spots will be published this week, just another one of those behind the scenes project we accomplished. Numerous fans have contacted us about camping at the USRA Nationals coming up October 12 through the 14 here at I-35 Speedway. A camping spot is $50 for the week or $20 a night and is located north of the track next to the lake and our I-35 road sign. We are looking forward to hosting this 3-day event.

Saturday night, September 2, ninety-two (92) racecars came for competition. Seventeen heat races and nine feature events for everyone’s racing pleasure. Congratulations to our winners, in the E Mods it was Randy Smith Jr., in the Show Me Vintage Leroy Holler, Midwest Lightning Sprint Tom Brown, Pure Stock first time winner Kerry Ayers, Sport Compact Dakota Girard, Grand National Donnie Brown, B Mods Bud Wilson, Stock Cars Dean Wray, and A Mods Nick Bidinger.

Let’s also give kudos to some more behind the scenes items you may not know. The Bidinger’s sent a thank you to the Johnsons’ for paying the higher purse. You see the track has posted a two-tier purse based on car count for the A Modifieds (many tracks have gone to this system over the years) but all year long the Johnsons’ have paid the higher purse. They understand when many of the local racers are involved with disaster recovery like what has occurred in Houston from Hurricane Harvey that the racers must do for their lively hood first.

Finally, what a great racing family we have at I-35 Speedway! Karson Harris, son of Daniel Harris, wanted to give back to those who have suffered in Houston. The Help Karson Help Houston campaign was underway. This week let’s close with this Facebook post, paraphrased, from Daniel about his son: Well I just got home I am sure you all have been seeing me share a lot what my son has been doing, he went into tonight just shy of $3,000…well after a great night and all the work from Rick Staley and I-35 Speedway, Karson is over $3,800, Thank you to everyone who has helped my son on what he is doing, it’s a blessing to have such a caring child, he has made me learn so much about life and one proud daddy here, thanks to everyone! If you don’t believe in racing family this is a great example of one!