Ninety racecars were in attendance at I-35 Speedway on Saturday April 11, 2015 along with a grandstand full of race fans. Once again fans were treated to 24 races, 16 heats races, one B feature, and seven A features. Non wing sprints joined the regular weekly classes of USRA A Mods, USRA B Mods, E Mods, USRA Stock Cars, Grand Nationals, and Hobby Stocks.

The track prep crew of Mike Knight and Mike Johnson worked extra hard to provide a great surface for the racers. With sprint cars in attendance more water was added to account for the large tires which tend to dry out a track. Their experience in track prep is a huge asset to making the racing surface of I-35 Speedway one of the most consistent and one of the best racing surfaces in the area. Thank them as a race fan any chance you get and thank them as racers. They strive hard and put in more hours each week to ensure the track is the best it can be.

As for the racing, it was exciting and fast. Austin Bouzek started the night with a win in the E-Mods, making three different winners in three weeks of racing. Austin Johnson continued the winning Austins as he pulled off his second win of the year in the Grand Nationals. Of the seven cars competing there were battles all throughout this race, some of the best racing in a while for this class. The Hobby Stock feature was won by Tyler Clark continuing the streak of Osceola, Iowa drivers winning this feature event. All three events run so far have been won by a driver from this Iowa town. The B Mods experienced their third different winner as Andy Bryant from Fort Scott Kansas led from the pole and never looked back. Then came the non-wing sprint cars won by a gunslinger from Kansas. Wyatt Burks, not Wyatt Earp, from Topeka Kansas was like a bullet leaving a Colt 45 as he shot out to the lead and conquered the 3/8 mile track ahead of his competitors. Jeff Dixon claimed his second win of the season in the Stock Car class. This class can be won on any given week by any of the drivers in attendance. This is close racing at its best. It even included USRA/USMTS President Todd Staley, who stopped in to compete on his way home from Oklahoma to Webster City, Iowa. The A Mod winner Ryan Schaffer drives from Corning Iowa to compete at I-35 Speedway. Congrats to all the winners, but remember each week is a new week.

If you were keeping score you see above I-35 Speedway has drivers from numerous states compete each week. Three drivers from Missouri claimed wins, two drivers from Iowa, and two drivers from Kansas. There truly is a border war each week but which border is it?

This week is Buz’s Muffler Night at the Races. Buz Kaster was inducted into the C.A.R.B. Hall of Fame this past winter. What a great honor and well deserved for this racing legend of 40 years plus. He recently stated to a group of young drivers he plans to compete with them into his 60s. Having raced with Buz several years ago, it is amazing to watch him slow down getting to the racecar and getting in the racecar but there is no slowing down once he gets in and fires the engine. Keep up the great racing Buz, you are an inspiration to the young and old!

Finally, thank you to Donnie Brown, driver of the #26 Grand National, for donating two bicycles to give away last week. His action displays how great the racing family really is, something we do not want to lose sight of at I-35 Speedway. Racing is family!