So I had someone tell me I need to attend the next Central Auto Racing Boosters general membership meeting because the Central Auto Racing Boosters are trying to change their bylaws so they can suspend a member for a year if he or she does something, like write a blog they do not like. This proposal was made in the January 2015 membership meeting by Rick Darling and when all was said and done it was decided not to pursue this form of dictatorship and evilness at the February meeting. Of course I was told this was all aimed at me and my blogs and it was pretty apparent at the January meeting the last meeting I attended.

First and foremost to change the bylaws requires each member be sent a copy of the proposed draft. I received my newsletter yesterday and did not see this proposed change in the newsletter. The written proposal must be submitted to members along with a time it will be discussed so the member can decide whether he or she would like to attend and voice their opinion and vote to their choosing. Unfortunately, this requirement has been neglected quite a bit recently.

Then I got to thinking why does my blog bother people? Maybe because some people don’t like seeing themselves in what I write? Maybe because I hit the head on the nail? Maybe their actions are validating my opinions and my writings!

Then this thought hit me last night, being the longest tenured president of the Central Auto Racing Boosters (9 years) and being the person who pushed the organization to start the Hall of Fame and Museum in 2003, being the person who pushed the organization towards the 501c3, and being the last person to run against the current president of the 501c3 Central Auto Racing Boosters Hall of Fame and Museum, maybe just maybe they are protecting themselves against me running for president again. Isn’t it a shame instead of working with past presidents, getting their opinions, ensuring the organization is being run correctly, it has evolved to protectionism and pettiness?

I will soon be writing a series on unification, because Lord knows this sport needs some unification. I recently finished a series on who split the racing community and yet since then I have seen it split even more. To save our sport, to save ourselves, isn’t it time to work together instead of always splintering off into another group? I will say it again just like I did in the split series, it is time for jealousy and selfishness to exit the door.