Candid Camera is an American hidden camera/practical joke reality television series. Today though Candid Camera is everywhere. Cell phone cameras, Go Pro cameras, and regular cameras are everywhere. We utilize the camera to share on Facebook, Instagram, and various other social media. Smile your are on Candid Camera applies to everyone. You might be scratching where you should not, have your fingers where you shouldn’t, making a deal you should not be making, paying off someone you should not be paying off, let’s just say in today’s world smile you are on candid camera is happening everywhere all the time.

You walk into a store, a bank, a gas station, a car wash, smile you are on candid camera, because cameras are everywhere. You accuse someone of something smile you are on candid camera might as well be truthful.

Now why do I bring all this up because today tech officials are using cameras to share their tech information. A tech official catches something, smile the part is on candid camera, to be shared by numerous tracks. Might as well learn to be legal. Have a crate motor without the correct bolts, smile you are on candid camera and your illegal bolts are on display nationwide. Have a carburetor that does not pass, smile your are on candid camera and the carburetor is shared by several tech officials pretty much instantly.

In this way the sport is improving as we share illegal parts among several tracks. It is a tech man’s responsibility to share the information, to attend sanction body meetings, and to work amongst ourselves to ensure the rules are applied equally and fairly. So with all the cameras out there from photo takers shooting their favorite car, to the go pro camera downloads, just remember smile you are on candid camera.