The day is almost here for the 31st annual Snake Saturday parade. Staging information has been distributed, floats are being readied, parade fans are deciding where to stake their spot, and lots of fun is ready to happen. The Festival area will have lots of fun events for the children. There will be a carnival, the Clyde Ellis Car Show with lots of racecars, there will be a band, facepainters, pony rides, a tennis court, art events, and tons and tons of fun and 60 plus degrees. What a great day for a parade!

If you have not already made plans make them now to visit North Kansas City on Saturday, The parade kicks off at 11:00 a.m. Tons of fun!

All this would not be possible if not for the great volunteers who make things happen behind the scenes, volunteers like Terry Loos. Terry pulls the Grand Marshal float, he gets it out of storage from StorSafe (thank you John Miller and John Jr.) he takes it to the fire station, obtains it at the fire station and then hauls it to staging and then pulls it in the parade. he has done this every year since 1999.

speaking of volunteers, the firemen clean the float and re-glue any parts. There are lots of people who make this event happen, thank you each and everyone of you.