Please support local racing! These last two weeks have seen some of the ugliness in our sport coming from those within our sport. Atchison County Raceway announced the track will not be operated after this year by the Birkinsha famly. Other tracks may be perilously close to not reopening judging by the lack of crowd size. Promoters are doing all they can to keep these tracks open for our racing pleasure, whether participant or fan! It our job in the racing community to work together and ensure their success.

Stop the negativity! Bobby Heeter went online to Facebook and rated I-35 Speedway a 2 without any comment. When he was asked why he did this, by another racer, it is because he has a complaint about me on a call that went against his son last year. Now the interesting part to all this is he blames me and takes it out on somebody else’s business. I have not been the one behind the raceiver radio in three years (in other words I did not make the call). My job has evolved to overseer of everything, racing, maintenance, concession, fan involvement, tech, etc. If he had an issue he should have talked with the race director position. Let’s quit being negative and SUPPORT LOCAL RACING!

Stop the negativity! The cell phone starts with phone, you have a problem with someone call them, communicate, work it out don’t publicly air out your grievance. By the way when I heard this I called Bobby left a message and have yet to receive a phone call back. If you don’t want to communicate directly then utilize email. When I was racing, Tony Sawyer and I sometimes had on track issues. Of course, this was before cell phones, internet websites, social media, etc. but we agreed to wait a week and then talk things over, by then the emotion was gone and it was driver to driver. Stop being selfish and put the sport first! Let’s quit being negative and SUPPORT LOCAL RACING!

Stop the negativity! This morning I see a comment to an I-35 Speedway post we are racing tonight, June 17. This driver (Tim Eaton) was posting he would stay home insinuating he expected a rough track. Nobody works harder at ensuring his track is a smooth track than Mike Johnson. He introduced the box blade into track preparation. A racer’s wife challenged this driver on this post for being so positive. We don’t want tracks closing do we? Let’s quit being negative and SUPPORT LOCAL RACING!

Let’s quit being negative and SUPPORT LOCAL RACING! I love reading Connie Shrout’s post, she is lot like my wife Diana and Ed Noll’s wife Nicole, positive! These three women are always looking for the positive news to post, the good of our sport, the excitement of our sport, not the drama! We want our tracks to succeed, we want racers to come have fun, life itself has enough curveballs in it without being negative, without causing others pain.

Remember someday we will all meet our maker, our creator, have you lived a positive life? Have you been kind to someone today? Have you shared your positive experiences in life today? If you have been negative take the time to delete your post and replace it with something positive! Stand up for the good of our sport, stand up for the tracks and their decisions, right or wrong, agree or disagree, get rid of your grudges, be positive and become a full time supporter of the sport, it benefits everyone, racer, track promoter, race fan, pit crewman, family, official, everyone! SUPPORT LOCAL RACING!