This one is tough to write, but let’s be thankful for memories.  Since the racing season has closed we have lost Diana’s grandmother (Nadine Corwin), my Aunt Velma Knox, and just yesterday race official and racing family member, Gene Tuttle.  Facebook, the great social media it has become, allows all of us to share, share pictures, share thoughts, share memories, share our location, share news, share what concerns us, to share our lives.  Through this media a former preacher at Heartland Church of Christ shared that he has done more funerals during the months of October, November, and December.  That is tough on everyone especially as the Holiday seasons are upon us.

So let’s take the time to say thank you for the memories, a statement Bob Hope would say.  Memories are history, memories are personal, memories are normally fun, memories shape us into who we are and who we want to be.  Memories keep us going, as racers we remember events that happened on the track whether it be an accident, a spin, or a win.  Memories is what brings everyone back to the game of golf, the one good drive, putt, or second shot.  Memories can also be bad, disgusting, evil, but those we have to overcome, those memories are life’s challenges.  Memory is how we learn, when we do something incorrect it is memory that we learn from so we do not do it again.

But let’s be honest, this time of year is a great time to reflect and remember.  Let’s take the time to remember those we have lost and how they affected our lives.  Let’s begin with Jesus, his birth which we celebrate at this time, his life and the messages he brought us, and his death, the salvation that leads us home to heaven.  Let’s remember our family members who we have lost, remember the meals shared, the holiday events, the laughter, the stories, the time we had with those individuals.  Then let’s’ remember our friends who we have lost whom we have worked with in any variety of ways.

With that I want to remember Gene Tuttle, the four wheelers, the times he would slow the show down by being on the track when we get ready to go back green, the name I gave him for these times – “Buffalo Wild Wings Gene”.  Gene was a good man, a fun man, and a very good official.  His track work was outstanding, he would take the responsibility to ensure the back road was closed at I-35 Speedway.  He enjoyed riding his four wheeler at the track, checking the track for debris, ensuring the track had enough moisture, doing whatever needed to be done.  He has worked at the track as an official, a flagman, a photographer.  He loved our sport, so those who have memories of Gene, take a moment to remember and share.  Most of all hug your loved ones while they are with you, moms and dads hug your kids because they will grow up and leave home, grandparents love your grandchildren because you will be making memories for them.  I was six when my Grandpa passed but to this day  I remember picking peaches while sitting on the tractor and him preparing them with fresh cream from the cows and the time we went fishing and I caught all the fish because I did not know how to bait a hook yet.  Oh the memories……..

Thanks for the Memories.