God first, family second, work third, racing or other passion fourth, whatever is fifth, and sixth is standing by. The question though for all of us, Is God first? Do you spend time each week talking with God? Is that time more or less than the time for the others? Have you talked to someone about God? Okay let’s bring in family. Do you love your family? Most of us love our family, God is love so when you spend time with family you are spending time with God.

Okay now we have God covered and family covered what about work. Why do you work? Most of us work to support our family, why because we love our family. What is love, God is love. So we go to work to support our family because we love our family and the love of our family is Godly. Hmm, getting confused yet? There should not be any confusion we love God, God is love, because we have family and care for them we love them and because we love them we go to work to support them, cool isn’t it?

Now tie in our sport – auto racing. Those of us in the sport call each other family, we bicker like family, we argue like family, but somebody attack our sport and we join together like family. Somebody get hurt and we are family. We have a passion for our sport like no other some will even say we love our sport. So let’s make sure we honor God, thank him for love and then love our family. Thank God for our job to support our family and then thank God for our sport which brings us all together.

Thanksgiving started with the Pilgrims who came to the new world for freedom to worship God as they chose. The Pilgrims shared with the Indians. This thanksgiving lets be thankful for our God, our family, our work, and our sport. What a great country we live in to freely worship and enjoy the sport we love.