For those of you who know us we have been coming to Daytona since 2000, except for 2001 the year Dale Earnhardt died, and 2011 for the birth of our second grandson Dalton. That year we went to the Daytona 500 party at Lowell Christy’s and won the pot when Trevor Bayne won the race. When we first came to Daytona we stayed with Terry and Vicky Wantland and they taught us the shortcuts of Daytona since Terry has been coming to this race maybe since it started, maybe even before, who knows he may have given the idea to Bill France. Anyway, through the years we have enjoyed the warmth and the cool, the cold and the hot, and this year it appears we will enjoy the cold and the hot.

So far in our timeshare we have run the heat more than the air conditioning. I know back home there is not anybody thinking of air conditioning. It seems we brought the cold with us so hopefully we bring the warm back. After all, we have Snake Saturday events about to start and we always want warm weather for those events, then we follow that with the start of the local race season.

The forecast for today in Daytona is a high of 60 then temperatures dropping this afternoon. Thursday, the day or should I say the night of the Duels the high is predicted to be 46 with a low in the 20s, Friday, the truck race, also at night, a high of 56 and low into the 30s. Fortunately we brought lots of warm clothing with us in preparation for this weather. Of course Diana may end up with a couple of extra jackets of mine as she did for the Sprint Unlimited.

Now for the audible, Terry and I have always enjoyed three rounds of golf down here. Normally, our golf would be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Due to their travel schedule this year they arrived early Tuesday morning (12:30 a.m.). Fortunately Terry and I got in 11 holes of golf before the rains became unbearable yesterday, and today we plan to play late this morning, but we had tee times on Thursday and Friday both in the eight o’clock hour. Time for an audible, the forecast calls for highs in the 70s next Monday and Tuesday, I think we cancel the cold weather golf, we could do that at home if the course is not covered in snow. So just like in football I think the best play is to audible to warm weather. Anyone else agree?