What a great Saturday night this past weekend. We attended the USRA Banquet and had a great time, visited with some of the greatest people in racing, and then we left and went to the Central Auto Racing Boosters 23rd Annual Bowlathon. What was discovered on this weekend is the great racing people in this racing community enjoy our company and friendship and the people who have a guilty conscience of things done to harm the racing community, well they walk wide circles around those of us promoting the sport. Much like life good trumps evil, or in Star Wars speak the dark side never wins.

The Central Auto Racing Boosters have been on a slide ever since we created the 501c3 Hall of Fame group. I have heard through conversation a person on the Hall of Fame board wanted to see the original group go away. If this is true that person should resign immediately or an executive board needs to be convened to research this information because there would not be a 501c3 without the original C.A.R.B. After seeing the camaraderie at the 23rd Annual Bowlathon it became apparent those of us who have been shying away from the organization need to step back up. We need to organize and voice our opinions. We need to show up at meetings and return the organization to one meeting instead of two. We need to reclaim our Central Auto Racing Boosters. We need to again promote the sport for what it is the greatest sport in this country.

New President Skip Richardson and his wife Carrie are doing a great job of bringing back the fun to the organization. Have things changed over these last few years, yes, they have but we should not be taking away the fun that has been created. We also should not let an organization which reports to us dictate to us. Yep it is time to stand up, step up, and volunteer to return to the Central Auto Racing Boosters to the organization it once was, a group who promoted interest in and understanding of the sport of auto racing. Return to a group who supported the sport instead of themselves.

You know this sport grew because we all worked together and played together. We left race track problems at the race track. At one point in time this club had seven different C.A.R.B. supported tracks, that is where we need to get back to, where the good of the sport is what is best for all.

Let’s step up and return C.A.R.B. to the great organization it once was, let’s step up and volunteer to help, let’s take back our club and organization and ensure we have more Bowlathons, Golf Tournaments, Banquets, and Hall of Fame Ceremonies. The time for action is now.