Thank you to Bud and Amanda Wilson for turning what was a tragedy into a Racing Community Event. The 4th Annual Racin for Rian was a huge success. It all begins with Bud and Amanda’s loss of baby Rian in 2010. They had her for a total of 30 hours. What they did not realize was Saint Luke’s hospital had a family fund. This fund, controlled by the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) provided a package of their lost daughter. Instead of bringing home a baby they brought home a package which included a lock of her hair, pictures of her in a dress which are donated by one of the nurses, and other items. This touched their hearts to the point they went to I-35 Speedway owners, Mike and Kyle Johnson, and asked to create a race in honor of their daughter. That race is “Racin for Rian”.

The 4th edition of this race saw 105 cars arrive to compete in this special race. Extra money thanks to sponsors was added to the purse. Modifieds were racing to take home $1,500 for first, the USRA B Mod and USRA Stock Car winners took home $1,000 each, and the E Mods and Grand Nationals winners raced for $500 to win. Some of the top talent in the area came to compete and from various parts of the Midwest.

Congratulations to the extra money winners, Nick Bidinger in the Modifieds, Dean Wray in the Stock Cars, Chad Clancy in the B Mods, Buz Kaster in the Grand Nationals, Anthony Asher in the E Mods, and Josh Munsen in the Hobby Stocks. All the classes had super exciting racing and extra laps.

I-35 Speedway wants to thank Bud and Amanda for their efforts in making this a great racing community event. We also want to thank the drivers in the racing community, the crews, the officials, the workers, and the race fans who make this a great event. This is simply the racing community giving back to the local community. When we speak of racing family there is none better and this is just an example of what the racing community means to general society.

Finally, let’s take just a minute to show our pleasure at the hard work of the track crew, Mike Knight and Mike Johnson. They work each week to give the drivers a great track, there are numerous laps put in grading, sheep’s footing, and watering the track. We all think it would be great to run the equipment but it takes a skill to run the equipment and prepare a track that is smooth and super-fast. These two men have developed an art to always having a great track! This week their challenge is the non-wing sprint cars and their wide tires and dual A Modified features.