Full Moon, Friday the 13th, Flag Day on Saturday, a memorial, Father’s Day, all make up the events for this past weekend. Racing was hot and heavy at both Lakeside Speedway and I-35 Speedways on Friday and Saturday respectively. But again Mother Nature was a force to be reckoned with as she dealt both tracks plenty of moisture.
There was only one day available to work the track at Lakeside Speedway, even then it was a bit wet but with storms predicted overnight on Thursday it had to be done. Mike Knight and Mike Johnson worked the track on Wednesday until 7:30 P.M. Overall the track received over 6 inches of rain for the week. This moisture started coming to the top during the races and Mike Johnson utilized the box blade to knock off the edges during intermission.
From the previous week of a snapped pole, Don Marrs installed a new pole for the pit lights.
Mowing at both tracks occurred on the day of the race, which with the moisture in the ground caused some areas to not receive their normal weekly mowing.
There is always a ton of behind the scenes work for everyone before the cars ever take the track.
Every week inventory has to be taken so the correct amount of food can be ordered, The Speed Shop has your favorite souvenir but to ensure your choice is available someone must do the inventory and place the order. Each week two ladies take on this responsibility, Kyle Johnson and Diana Green.
The boy scouts were out early on Saturday to clean Lakeside Speedway. They also collect the aluminum from all the beer cans. We can make their life easier if we learn to recycle our trash. Randy Reber did his normal cleaning of I-35 Speedway.
Each and every week there is some behind the scenes activity occurring at your favorite racetrack. Stop someone and tell them thank you. We appreciate everyone’s help in using the trash cans.
As for the racing it was some of the best. Congrats to all our competitors who work all week on the cars to come and compete. Winners are announced elsewhere in this program.
For a full moon the racing was outstanding. Flags were a flying at I-35 Speedway for Flag Day. Fathers were everywhere and recognized by track announcers. Last but not least, a tribute to John Hansen’s 13 year old son, Jesse Barnes, who passed recently was held prior to the modified feature. John Hansen took 2 laps with the checkered flag then the rest of the field joined him on the front straight. Announcer Rick Staley read what he had written and when he was done there were tears flowing. Goodbye Jesse you will be missed, enjoy the races in heaven!