What a weekend, Lakeside Speedway’s begins with Tattoo calling out the Train, The Train. Now on the television show The Plane The Plane meant a new group of guests was arriving. The train, the train was a behind the scenes pain as the entrance to the track was blocked for over an hour and a half. Law provides that the train cannot block an entrance for over 15 minutes. In this instance several of us were calling the company and complaining as the line outside the track had formed all the way to Interstate 435. Food that was prepared by those workers who got in before the train blocked the intersection had to be thrown out costing the track money. Employees, drivers, racecars, fans were all stuck outside the track thanks to the train. Workers from Kinkade Concrete could not start their weekend because of the train. Finally, the train moved, three different times before the crossing was open. Not the way to start the weekend of racing, but from here it mostly when up hill.
After a soggy week 12, Mike Johnson and Mike Knight put in 29 hours of work on the track to make it race able for this weekend. Even then Mike Johnson had to do some work at intermission to prepare turn one for the feature events. It is a blessing to have an owner who desires to provide the best track he can for the Lakeside drivers.
Speaking of intermission, Rick and Allen Staley do a great job of making intermission entertaining. This week Lakeside Speedway saw the three legged race added. At the time of the drivers meeting there were only three teams. At intermission there were at least ten teams and while busy helping with track prep it was quite entertaining to watch the race from the inside of the track. It appeared taking out other teams was allowed.
It was also great to have the head tech official of the USRA at the track on this night. Tech is such a huge part of any successful racetrack.
I-35 Speedway continues to be the number one track at drawing competitors. This past weekend 83 racers arrived to compete in the “Racin for Rian” event. This event was created by A Mod Driver Bud Wilson and his wife Amanda, in honor of the daughter they don’t get to watch grow up. All donations raised for this event go to the St. Luke’s NICU Unit. C.A.R.B. this man Bud Wilson deserves to be nominated every year for the Distinguished Service Award.
The following are comments heard about the racing at I-35 Speedway, B Mod B Feature went green to checkered when only the top 6 would qualify; what a run by Houston Johnson as he started last on the field and powered his way to the win in the Grand National class; the monkey is off his back as Kerry Davis would win the A mod feature, the $1,000 prize, and the 6 foot tall trophy.
Finally the weekend ends with a trip to the T-Bones for some of the track workers. The T-Bones are a track sponsor. Thank you to all our sponsors we challenge everyone to patronize these all important businesses.