I-35 Speedway racing is awesome, fun, exhilarating, and exciting. On any given night, the battle to take the checkered is usually a battle between three or four drivers. This past week we had 86 racers in the pits which led to 14 heat races and 8 feature events. Twenty-two races completed in 3 hours with Mother Nature providing great weather! That is true value for your racing dollar!

A Mods green to checkered two weeks in a row, talk about a battle, Derrick Hicks, Shayne Bailey, Dennis Elliott, and Nic Hanes were putting on quite the battle in and around lapped traffic. Four drivers were putting on a great display of their driving talent in the B Mods as Doug Keller, Tim Eaton, Ed Noll, and Randy Ainsworth were passing each other and challenging each other lap after lap.

This year we have been utilizing Speedscoreone to create our lineups, tabulate our points, and print our results. As soon as the races are over I head to the tower to finalize all the data, create the reports, send them to the appropriate personnel (webmaster, owner, and USRA), and upload the data to the website and Facebook. All this is completed before we leave the racetrack. With Rick Staley’s Facebook Live Recap you can be on your way home and provided you are not driving you can see all the results and the latest points.

Speaking of points how about the race to the championship going on in the A Mods: first Dennis Elliott with 1403 followed by Nic Hanes with 1395, Austin Johnson with 1373, and John Hanson with 1369. B Mod battle is almost as close with Bud Wilson tallying 1485, Randy Ainsworth with 1457 (how coincident is the car number of 57?) and lurking in third Ed Noll with 1432.

It is great how everyone becomes Family at I-35 Speedway. Darla brings me canning jars and ask nothing in return, but she will be getting some back with Green Rolling Farms produce. Colten, my buddy who opens the gate for me to the tower each week asked about saving his seat for the USRA nationals so he can provide the same great service he provides weekly.

Word is getting out on the super tasty tenderloin at the Trackside Bar and Grill. Each week we give one away at the drivers meeting but the last couple of weeks we have been late getting the tenderloin because race fans are coming to eat dinner before the races. It is fun to give away a tenderloin because it is based on the pill draw to get into the lineup. Drivers wait in anticipation of who gets a free tenderloin. We also give away 2 drinks after the races to a driver in each class.

Did anyone notice the new banners? Two new billboards on the back straight. It was great having the Central Auto Racing Boosters in attendance. Over the years this organization has done quite a bit to promote interest in and understanding of the sport of auto racing. Hey, Rick Staley got the portable microphone to work all along the front straight. Finally, I tip my hat to the race fans who at the completion of the night picked up their trash and headed to the nearest barrel. Thank you, for taking pride in your race track!