Lakeside Speedway only one word describes this past weekend, “grrrrrrr”! First race takes the track and first race exits the track, Mother Nature did not want us to race.
I-35 Speedway enjoyed great racing, great excitement, and great fun! There were 90 cars in attendance putting on a great show for the fun loving fans of I-35 Speedway. The first cars to arrive at the track were the vintage racers, they love racing their old rebuilt race cars. After 4:30 there was a steady line of racers coming into the pits, stopping to drop off their driver’s license and then going to park in the pits.

Fans may not be aware of this but there is a bit of work involved in loading and unloading racecars from their trailers. Where would we be without trailers? Many years ago cars were driven to the track, then the tow bar came into existence and the cars were towed to the track. Then along came the open trailer. of course a few were creative and turned busses into haulers, flatbed trucks into haulers, anything they could dream and build they would to get their racecars to the track. Today we have various rigs from open trailers and a pickup to eighteen wheelers with full size trailers. All these can be seen after the races by visiting the pits.
Did you know you can purchase a t-shirt, sweatshirts, or other I-35 Speedway clothing at the Beer Shack. Get a chill then stop on by, need another shirt, take a gander. Diana and Kyle work hard each week making these souvenir shirts, sweatshirts, and other items. Another great I-35 Speedway keepsake is the Trackside Bar and Grill! How many tracks have a view like the one at the Trackside Bar and Grill overlooking turn 1. You can feel the speed while eating dinner. Ed and Sue love to prepare everyone a great meal while at the track, take the time to enjoy.

As for the racing thank the drivers for the great job they do of racing, thank the officials for the job they do each week, it is never easy being an official because when a foul is called, someone is not happy. Understand officials are race fans also and love this sport. Officials are the first to arrive at a track and the last to leave. Thank them for their faithfulness to our sport.

Let’s hope Mother Nature will let us race for all the events planned for the rest of the year.