Week 26 Recap
The week before championship week was two great nights of racing at Lakeside Speedway and I35 Speedway. Once again the drivers in all the classes were raving about how good the track surface was prepared. Some racers like it dry, some like it heavy (wet), but all like it smooth and that is exactly what they got. Promoters prefer a track that does not dust a crowd, but we all know who has the final say, Mother Nature. Friday at Lakeside was mostly cloudy all day, actually for the two days leading to Friday with a rain storm on Wednesday morning, this led to wet conditions. The sun popped out at 3:30 p.m. Saturday for I35 Speedway, the sun rose and shined most of the day, even though the forecast called for rain (50 to 60 percent). The rain moved west and we enjoyed a great night of racing.
Twenty seven weeks of racing has led to the night we call Championship Night. Battles exist throughout the points standings, battles for third and fourth, battles for Top 10 recognition, battles for point fund money, and the final battle for the championship. Lakeside Speedway battles to be determined are Chad Clancy holds a 48 point advantage over Gene Claxton in the B Mods, and Tim Shields leads Gary Donaldson by 46 Points in the Grand Nationals. With only 100 pints available each night congratulations to Nic Bidinger, Modifed Champion, and Brett Heeter, Stock Car Champion who have already earned enough points they can cruise into the last week.
I35 Speedway added a twist to their point system, the Mulligan. Each driver can throw out his or her worst point night. This makes figuring the final points a little challenging, let’s hope Competition Director Bobby Lopez has his pencil sharpened and ready as there are several close races. In the Grand Nationals Austin Johnson leads Buz Kaster by 30 points without the mulligan. Dean Wray leads Thomas Roberts by one point without the mulligan. The other four classes the Champion has been determined simply because the points lead is so significant, congrats to Zach Sanders in A Mods, Chad Clancy in B Mods, Kit Bailey in Economy Mods, and Mich Ross in Hobby Stocks.
So here we are the last point’s race of the season, time flies when we are having fun. We hope you have had fun, enjoyed the excitement each night brought, enjoyed the racing, and from the recaps maybe you learned a little about the behind the scenes happenings that make each night a success. From track prep, to trash pickup, from food service to track prep, from young to old, this sport captures our hearts and brings us together.
Now we are not done racing at either track. October 1, 2, 3rd and 4, the USRA Nationals will be raced at Lakeside Speedway. Racing starts at 7 P.M. on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Late Models join the racing on Friday. Saturday racing starts at 6:30 with the features starting ten rows deep 3 wide. You will not want to miss any of the action as the pits will be full of the best of the best USRA racers. I35 Speedway closes it season with the Open Wheel Nationals on October 10 and 11, 2014. Racing starting at 7 P.M. both nights. Watch for press releases concerning this event as some of the top non wing specialist are committing to race at this event.