The word for the week 6 recap is SMOOTH! After a week of rain both tracks, Lakeside Speedway and I-35 Speedway, were exceptionally competitive and exceptionally prepared. Owner Mike Johnson and Mike Knight worked the Lakeside track for 12 hours on Thursday in 56 degree weather to make a great track on Friday. They were blading, grading, and pounding the dirt. Gene Stigall was doing the same at I-35 Speedway. We cannot say it enough, thank you guys for the great job you do each and every week for us fans, racers, and crews.
Speaking of crews, thank you Ambulance crews, Tow Truck crews (Bakers at Lakeside and Bridgeman at I-35), fire crews, and officials. Lakeside experienced a red flag condition with a car upside down, and I-35 Speedway had two A Modifieds in the same feature event, but in separate incidents, end up on their roofs. Ambulance and fire crews took care of the drivers, tow truck companies took care of the racecars, and the officials worked on track repair so we could resume racing. Great teamwork!
The Lakeside concession area was changed this last week as the rails which had been used for years to funnel lines of people have been removed. Again owner Mike Johnson and Ultimate Maintenance Man Tony cut the lines and refilled the holes with cement creating an open and smooth entrance to one of the registers to place your order for food, drink, or funnel cake. Owners Mike Johnson and Don Marrs also moved the red trailer, formerly utilized as a souvenir stand, to the terrace area. This opened up the entrance to the Lakeside Grandstand making for a smooth entry to your seat.

Boy Scout Troop 165 was at Lakeside on Saturday morning to clean up trash, what a crew, there were approximately 30 folks cleaning up the grandstands, pits, parking, and terrace areas. They saved the aluminum, hauled all the trash to the dumpster, dumped every trash barrel and put liners in them, and completed all this within a couple of hours. Thank you Boy Scout Troop 165.
Also want to give a shout out to Super Fan Willie Harmon. Willie arrives early to Lakeside each week and helps with clean up. The past few years he would open up the ticket booth and sweep it out, this year it is remaining locked so he turned his attention to other areas. He can be found picking up trash ensuring the terrace area is ready to go and he is such a super fan he ends the night as a veteran helping our flagman remove and fold the American Flag. Thank you Willie!

Finally back to the racing – the Stock Cars continue to put on some of the greatest racing at both tracks. The Border War has more cars travelling between Lakeside and I-35 Speedways. The best part of the behind the scenes is listening to the drivers after the races. Because of the smooth track conditions almost everyone was happy. Mike Higley put on Facebook with the track like it was last Friday he plans to be at Lakeside every week. At I-35 Speedway, Trevor Hunt, Zach Sanders, and Kerry Davis finished the A Modified feature in that order and after the race were sitting talking about how much fun they had racing each other. Isn’t that the reason we come to the racetrack is to have fun?