This has been a busy summer, keeping me away from something I love to do, write about racing.  A few years back when blogs became popular, Scott Traylor and Kirk Elliott, asked me to write a blog for their website,  I gladly obliged.  What we discovered is there were several in the racing community which enjoyed these blogs and challenged me to write more.  Of course there were the years Scott and I did not see eye to eye and like most family feuds (racing family) we did not converse.   Clyde Ellis’ passing brought us back to at least conversing with each other.  Giving credit where credit is due they opened the door which led to this website.

John and Larry Lowrey invited me to write a blog for their site,  I was told by Junior (Larry) that when I wrote a blog their website would jump up in hits.   I want to thank them for hosting my blogs the last couple of years.  I hope everyone supports all these websites and the newest ones, like this one and  All these sites are trying to bring us, the local race fan, the local racer, news about our sport.

I want to plug the webmaster for this site – David Hayden.  David helped rebuild the website this past year.  It is also a small world as David’s father and I worked together at A.L.Williams and Primerica for several years and we are all North Kansas City High School graduates.  His dad graduated a year ahead of me and his mother with me.  So if you need a website, want to expand a website, want to modernize a website contact David at  

Now where do I want to take this blog?  This will be based on everything involving racing in the Kansas City area.  Sometimes I may go off tangent and voice an opinion on NASCAR but that will not be the basis for this blog.  I want to cover local racing, Valley Speedway, Lakeside Speedway, I-35 Speedway, Heartland Park Topeka, Thunderhill, Lucas Oil Speedway and any other tracks that may be considered local.  Stories will include behind the scenes workers and events, officials, track prep, post-race, concession workers, groups, pit crews, fire crews, tow truck operators, race fans, even janitors, not to mention the obvious, those who love to get behind the wheel and drive a car around the track as fast as they can for their and our pleasure, the Drivers.

I want to bring back the history, the history that led to today’s racers and the most recent history.  I want to include stories from the asphalt days of I-70 and Lakeside along with the dirt days, modern and past.  We want to include C.A.R.B. news and events and how this organization, now 62 years old has been a part of our racing community.

So hang on for the ride, and let’s get the engine started.